Twelve From Twenty Thirteen - Ladakh Landscapes

Bright Yellow Mustard Fields of Ladakh.

Words are hard to come by when you are in front of some bewildering landscapes of mountains, deserts, rivers and lakes in a region like Ladakh, which lies between the Kunlun mountain range in the north and the Greater Himalayas to the south.

My first visit to Ladakh a few years ago left me spellbound to the raw beauty and rugged terrains of the region, it was a photographer's dream destination. My visit to Ladakh this time was for an expedition to set a record for Stand Up Paddling in higher altitudes. Nevertheless, the expedition provided some amazing opportunities to witness mind blowing sceneries and an opportunity to capture stunning imagery, although I am not sure if I did full justice to that.

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On Top of the World - Relish the Challenge

Stand Up Paddling at an Altitude of 16,000 ft.

As I sit down to write a blog post for Cinthol's "Relish the Challenge" campaign for third week in a row, I see myself in the middle of nowhere and part of an unique expedition which has set a world record. 

Exactly, two months ago I met April Zilg a friend of mine in a tiny cafe deep down in Kovalam, Kerala. We discussed about a possible Stand Up Paddle expedition in higher altitudes of Himalayas. The idea sounded somewhat offbeat and very challenging to me, since no one else have ever stand up paddled beyond 6,000 ft altitude, where as our expedition would actually begin at 12,000 ft and go beyond. 

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Motorcycling in Ladakh - Relish the Challenge

Taking Pride.

Cinthol - Relish the ChallengeThere is a Ladakhi saying that "The Land is so barren and passes are so high that only our worst enemies or best friends would want to visit us". Ladakh had always been on my mind ever since I heard stories and saw pictures from this Himalayan region which has some of the world's most breath taking & awe-inspiring landscapes with vicious roads to navigate through some of the highest motorable passes in the world. Plainly speaking, it is one of the most relishing challenges for a biker to ever come across.

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